Ethnic florals, eccentric prints & quirky colour; inspiring Fenton designer, Cherry Anderson

Spring has sprung! And following a weekend away in sunny, palm-treed Barcelona, I've had a yearning to breathe new life into my home, wardrobe & self. For me the past few weeks have been all about sumptuous colour combinations and exuberant floral motifs, combined with the ombre look (yes it's still in!) and gold too.

I recently fell in love with eccentric fashion designer Susanne Bisovsky who rekindled my passion for ethnic floral textiles and reminded me how much I love Frida Kahlo's style; eclectic prints and patterns and a cacophony of colour. Stunning! I felt inspired to find some new wardrobe pieces: an exquisite 1960s embroidered bag on Etsy and this handcrafted necklace from Rosita Bonita.

Continuing with vibrancy and colour, I've loved Kristjana S Williams' fabulous designs for some time now, but her quirky art prints and cushions still continue to inspire me (I think she may have been a Frida fan too judging by this parrot's head gear!).

Beautiful design makes me very happy. If you're a creative yourself you will relate to this. Sometimes it can have the most profound effect and I believe it can enrich all of our lives. I hope you've enjoyed sharing my finds.

Image credits:
Top left:
Top middle: Ombre tights from BZR shop
Top right: Me wearing my new Rosita Bonita necklace
Bottom left: My 1960s embroidered wicker bag from Etsy
Bottom middle:
Bottom right: Frida Kahlo (various sources)