Eun Young Choi: The artist behind "I Steal Your Home"

Eun Young Choi is from a small island in South Korea. She's a graduate of Goldsmith's University, London and is addicted to creating art. Her beguiling series of paintings 'I Steal Your Home' captured our imagination and inspired our range of the same name.

Growing up near the border with North Korea meant that Eun Young wasn't allowed many toys or dolls as a child, so she used pencil and paper to make her own; hence her talent for art was born. Moving from a tiny island to the city of Seoul and later on to London had a profound effect on Eun Young and made her realise the importance of having a physical home;

"When I was in London, I was so lonely and isolated. That time, I recognised home is the thing the most essential for me. So, I steal someone’s home with painting."

The series of oil paintings features various different types of houses, a fairly mundane subject matter, but it was the delicate, ethereal colour palettes, beautiful textures and oriental feeling of one piece in particular that drew us in.

Eun Young is influenced by David Hockney, whose work and life she loves, as well as François Truffaut. She's currently back in Korea working on a new series of paintings exploring the concept of 'home' further.

Fenton's range inspired by Eun Young's work, plays on the oriental style of the original painting. Two textile designs, Keep and Veil, are available as cushions, lampshades and fabric. These are complimented by three Keep art prints, with the original painting being available as a wall mural and art print, all designed, printed and made in the UK. Fenton supports its artists by sharing part of each sale. The aim to help them to carry on creating great work.

Please follow the link to see Eun Young's range.


'I Steal Your Home' oil on canvas by Eun Young Choi
Eun Young Choi herself
François Truffaut
Eun Young's series of paintings: 'I Steal Your Home'
A Bigger Splash, 1967 by David Hockney ©
Seoul city skyline