Art for Everyone's Home: The Fenton Idea

So we thought we’d let you know a little about what we do and why… 

We believe art is a vital form of creative expression, a vehicle to bring new ideas or comment into existence. As an antidote to our throwaway culture art can form a permanent statement, capture a moment in time, or create a unique reflection of our world.

Specifically, contemporary fine art has the ability to affect the observer in a less obvious, more emotive way. Art becomes a deeper communication between artist and audience by creating a reaction, or simply to make the viewer stop for silent contemplation. We believe art is important, not for its own sake, but it makes life rich, vibrant and interesting.

However, to be an artist, to create freely, is often a difficult and unsustainable path, where too often talent is lost and passion abandoned. We feel strongly that there is a growing appetite for the unique, for finding difference in the objects you choose for your home, and that there is a sense of weariness towards mass-produced disposable products. So that is our challenge – how to connect raw creativity to a wider, hungry audience.

Fenton’s answer is to create a bridge between art and new audiences through design. Our intention is to be able to support a growing number of new artists, allowing them to focus on creation, by offering a range of beautiful products that bring amazing art to your home in new and exciting ways.

The process is simple: we find art we love and use our passion for that piece to help us create our original surface designs. We never just use the original composition; instead we look for elements or themes within the art to design striking textiles in order to make our products.

The artist does nothing but be the brilliant creative they are. From high-res digital scanning of the artwork to design, production, sales and marketing; Fenton does the leg-work and picks up the bill. The artist then gets a royalty from each sale, as well as having their name and work promoted online and in retailers worldwide. They inspire us and we support them. 

For our customers we aim to keep bringing exciting, eclectic designs, high-end UK production and the knowledge that their purchase is helping to support new artists (as well as UK industry). Oh and of course we hope that we make people’s homes that little bit more amazing.

Fenton currently has five very different ranges available in cushions, shades, fabric, art prints and wall coverings.