Fenton Graduate Shows Highlights

The highlight of each year is visiting the graduate art shows.  From late May to early August we were running around London seeing the best of graduate work from schools across the UK. 

The stand out for us this year was St Martins now in their impressive new Kings Cross base.  Our passion is 2D work and it was great to see a marked shift back to varied forms of painting.  The four standouts for us were French artist Oscar Lett with her huge intense urban studies of London.  South Korean artist Hyunjeong Lim showing a striking collage of works with our favourite being the curious Landscape with Cones.  We loved Vicki Ling's monochrome pencil drawings showed great skill demonstrated within the Sojourn series.  And finally from St Martins Danish artist Marianne Morild and her dark but beautiful works looking at the contrast between the beauty of her home contrasted with its oil industry.  This is seen most dramatically in the large bitumen and oil piece Spill Still Life.  

Other artists that stood out for us included Dag Erik Due showing at Goldsmiths and Motoko Ishibashi at Slade

We are already in talks and planning to work with some of the artists above.  By creating original designs inspired by their work we are able to promote their work and support them at the start of their creative careers.