Vivienne Westwood calls for quality not quantity...

Speaking from London Fashion Week yesterday Vivienne Westwood called for us all to "Buy less. Choose well. Make it last. Quality, not quantity”. We thought we would make our case for more considered savvy buying. 

It’s easy to buy a cushion for £10 instead of spending £40 on a product that, at face value, could seem to be and do the same thing. But design aside, that’s subjective, your investment in quality British made products offer more to the value of an item than just the price tag, and offers you more than just what you can save today.

For example a Fenton cushion pays for the textiles merchant in Macclesfield, fabric printers in Lancaster, Glasgow and Nottingham, cushion pad stuffers in Hemel Hempstead, Label makers in Pembrokeshire, zip makers in Leicester; cutters and machinists in Nottingham, and packaging suppliers in Hucknall. And that’s all before we pay and promote ourselves, and our artists. 

We then sell it to shops at a fraction of the retail price so they can pay their staff, rent, rates, promote and give you the great experience you want. 

A quality product will have fabrics that are well printed, pads that are fully stuffed and be made by a worker who is paid fairly and treated well, not to mention it hasn’t travelled the earth. The variety of small UK companies pay tax, VAT and salaries, allowing their staff to pay their mortgages and spend themselves.

So while we’re all rushing to the bottom, thinking cheap is best perhaps start to think ‘how well is it made?’, ‘How long will it last?’, ‘What is this product doing for my family, friends and the society I live in?’, and above all, ‘What is the value in buying less but better?’, quality rather than quantity.

That said you can currently find some of our lovely UK made cushions from £10 in our autumn clearance