Big-Art! Make a statement with bespoke wall murals....

When art prints simply aren’t enough, be bold with a bespoke, made-to-measure, wall mural.

Fenton have recently released a range of stunning abstract wall murals, which bring art to your home in a striking new way. From the subtlety of Eun Choi Young’s ‘I Steel Your Home’to the drama of Haroun Haward’s ‘Exotic Construction with Mangoes’, our wall coverings make a statement in any room. 

The process is simple, just send us the dimensions of the wall you need covering and we will create a visual for your approval. The final print can then be hung like normal wallpaper with standard wallpaper paste. Easy!

There are currently three different options all supporting the featured artists who get part of each sale. Follow the link to see the range and be dramatic this winter.